I Remember Mama…

Happy International Women’s Day!


It’s been 4 years since my Mother passed, 5 years since my Grandmother passed.

Along with my Great Aunt who passed in 2003, These were the most important women in my life.

These were some of the hardest working women I have ever known.

And so, on this International Women’s Day, that was created as a socialist, and union-supported celebration of working women,

I choose to remember them.

My Great Aunt was a successful entrepreneur who ran a business just off of 47th Street in Chicago for many years, before deciding to bring the business home. A woman who worked so long and so hard, that even has her body began to betray her, she still worked as much and as often as she could, leaving a legacy for her family, church family, and all who knew her.

My Grandmother, who, arguably, did the heavy lifting when it came to raising me, worked several different jobs, always with an eye to make a difference in lives of her family and friends. She worked in a refrigerated factory for 25+ years, was an insurance agent as a young woman, drove school buses as a “retiree”, and kept a side hustle as a gifted and skilled beautician .

And finally…

My Mother, who, when she retired in 2011, had worked for one more year that I had been alive for the same company. A woman who, in the last years working for her employer, helped to lead the organization into the 21st Century, by implementing an entirely new time management and time maintenance system in her district. For at least half my life, she was the go-to person, rather subject matter expert for time management and maintenance for her district and region. And just so we are clear, what I mean, is she ran the department that made sure that people in her district got paid, every week they were supposed to. And when leadership made mistakes in that regard, she was their go-to person, the woman who could “fix it”; the woman who got things done.

On this International Women’s Day, I remember these three women, who, by design, greatly impacted my life. I am thankful for them and appreciate what they have done for, and meant to me. #ThankfulTuesday

These women, each in their own sphere of influence, made a difference in the lives of those they worked with by the lives of diligence they chose to live. Oh that the women of today would walk in the footsteps of these women who lived, loved, and worked.

My challenge to you, today ,is to call, write, post about three women that have meant a lot to you personally.

Tell them thank you. Be specific, tell them why they mean as much as they mean to you.

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