Remember how blessed you are… And… Smile!

Remember Your Blessings

One of my main motivational pillars is giftedness.

And I believe that every single person on this planet has been blessed with a great many gifts, starting with the gift of life!

Sometimes it seems that as we take time to enjoy this gift called life, and navigate through it’s vicissitudes… (that’s ups and downs for us normal folk), that we forget some of the many gifts that we have been blessed with…

Today, I challenge you to take some time and remember, to reflect…

Take some time today to sit in a quiet place, and maybe even take a pen and paper…

And as you take the time to remember your blessings, and your gifts,
Take special care to remember those gifts and blessings that have had a significant impact on your life.

The people who have been placed in your life at just the right time,
The bad situations that you have been rescued from…
Those “timely” financial blessings…
And as you remember, let your heart and mind be filled with gratitude…
Let your heart and mind be filled with appreciation…
And with that appreciation, go forward and live your life today with appreciation to the Giver of Every Good and Perfect Gift.

And let that appreciation be your guide, your reference point for every word that you say…
And every action that you take.

“Remember how blessed you are… And… Smile!”

My name is Dana A Winston.
I’m into Digital Marketing and Motivation.
And my goal is to help you, do you… better.

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